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Quoc Huy Trading and Transportation Co., ltd is a ‘one stop’ provider of worldwide transportation solution that was found on December 4th, 2001 with the function of transporting goods by tank trucks, specialized in the transportation of common liquids such as molasses, tea molasses, Vedagro bio-organic fertilizer for retail business.

As the development of Vietnam chemical industry, we have become to be a multi – transportation company, not only transportation of the general liquid but also transportation of solvent since 2007. More and more factories are using solvent-based chemicals and factories in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An and Tay Ninh. So that the business we started from scratch is now being run formidably with 

Safety, commitment to deliver, honesty, integrity, strong sense of urgency, resolving every causes of vehicle breakdown during the day (For the most difficult situations), hard work, be willing to take 100% responsibility for the damage that occurs due to the fault of Quoc Huy company, “can do” attitudes, are the values that guide or actions, and allow us to nurture successful, synergetic relationships with our customers.

Our team provides solutions to your transportation needs, on time, working all year round (including holidays and Tet holidays), at a fair price. Our truck team is including:

– 20 of Stainless Tank Trucks

– 20 of Trailer Stainless Tank Trucks

– 32 of Trailer Trucks

– 06 of Lorries

– 20 of ISO Tank Trucks


we can provide with maximum 1.200 tons of liquid chemical during the day and many consecutive days. To maintain the cooperation relationship with our customers. Therefore, Quoc Huy company have been known and belief by many large chemical companies of the world and chosen to be partners in the transport of import goods in Vietnam and distributed to the manufacturing plants.

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Quoc Huy Transport Company

Our company sincerely thank customers for visiting and using our services, our company will listen to the comments of customers, and is willing to take responsibility for errors. happened to the customer.

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