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Specialized in tank trucks and specialized in liquid cargo

Cargo transportation by tanker

Quoc Huy trading and transportation Co.,Ltd is a professional organizer in transportation of chemicals by tank trucks since the early 20’s century.

Till this day, we have gotten many years of experienced in carrying the following chemicals as:

– Group of Monomer: Butyl Acrylate Monomer(BAM) , Vinyl Acetate Monomer(VAM) , Styrene Monomer(SM) , Methyl Methacrylate Monomer(MMA) .

– Group of solvent : Acetone , Methyl Ethyl Ketone(MEK) , Toluene , Xylene , Solvent 100 , Hexan , Dimethyl Carbonate(DMC) , Methanol , Normal Butyl Acetate(NBAC) , Sec-Butyl Acetate(SBAC) , Methyl Acetate(MEAC) , Isopropyl Alcohol(IPA) , Ethyl Acetate(EAC) , Mono Ethylene Glycol(MEG) , Di Ethylene Glycol(DEG) , 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate(2EHA) , Normal Propyl Acetate(NPA) , Cyclohexanone(CYC) .

– Group of plasticized solvent : DOP , DOTP , DEHP

– Group of lubricant production materials: SN100 , SN250 , RPO , SN500

– Group of wooden production materials: Formalin , urea formaldehyde glue

– Group of fundamental chemical: Naoh , Hcl , H2so4 , Javel

Types of shipping permit that we have:Permits of Dangerous Goods (from Group 3 to Group 6 and Group 8), Permits of firefighter and rescue training for carriers, Permits of Safety Mechanical for carriers.


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