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Cargo transportation by truck

In February 2009, we conducted to diversify services for the customers, Quoc Huy Co., Ltd has invested more transport solutions for the barrels and IBC tanks of solvent.

There are two types of truck we have:

-Trucks carrying barrels : This truck is specially designed to be able to manually lift the barrel or lower the barrel to the customer without using the forklift of the customer. To ensure the safety of containers during the loading process as well as set up the barrel in place, they can lift the cargo up and down so the truck can deliver to the small and medium plants in case without forklifts.

-IBC tank truck : This truck was designed in accordance with the IBC tank standard (1,2m x 1,1m) and the bins of the truck can be easily opened and put the IBC tank on truck as well as bring the IBC tank off the truck.


Parking trucks


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